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Stock Market Tycoon Game Board

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1. Do you need to understand the stock market to play the game?

No, all you need to know is that the value of something you own, in this case stocks, is going up and is going down! You may be happy or unhappy about this!

2. Is this like Monopoly?

Well, not really, the values of the properties don’t really change in Monopoly. The values of the stocks fluctuate widely in Stock Market Tycoon, after all this is the Stock Market!

3.How do you play?

Everyone starts off with $100,000 (unlike real life!) and buys stocks off of a list of 10 stocks. Then the fun begins. When a player lands on a space marked “Market Card” they pick a “Market Card”. “Market Cards” change the values of the stocks, not just for the person throwing the dice, but for everyone who owns the stock, because this is just like the real stock market where the price changes for everybody. So, for everyone who owns that particular stock, the value of that stock either goes up or down. The values of the portfolios go up and the values of the portfolios go down, and everyone emotions go up and down! BUT THEN THE PLAYERS NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! THEY NEED TO TRADE! When a player lands on a gold space, the player can buy, sell or hold. BUT, if the player lands on an “All May Trade” then everyone can buy, sell or hold! Yes, everyone, because this is not a grocery store or a bank where we wait patiently in line, this is the stock market where we all trade at the same time. So, when some one lands on an “All May Trade” this is the time when the player can take their profits, or dump their losers, and buy that stock that is finally a really good deal!

4. Can the players Day Trade?

Yes, but the game was created by stockbrokers, and these stock brokers have a bias against day traders, so be careful!

5. How many people can play at one time?

Four to six usually fit around a table the best, more than that usually doesn’t leave room for the beer and nuts.