America's National Parks Monopoly game board picture
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america's national parks monopoly game tokens and properties



Game Board 
• Title Deed Cards 
• Custom Money & Banker’s Tray 
• Chance & Community Chest Cards 
• 32 Tents & 12 Ranger Stations 
• 6 Custom Pewter Tokens: bear, cannon, ranger hat, hiking boot, tent, canoe 
• Dice 
• Rules

National parks are America's special places -- the soul of this country. Since 1916, the National Park Service has been the steward of what now number more than 380 special places set aside to protect the nation's most precious natural and cultural resources. This rich national heritage offers people from every nation incomparable opportunities for recreation, appreciation of natural beauty, historical reflection, cultural enrichment and environmental education.

Within parks, and working among communities on preservation and recreation projects beyond park boundaries, the National Park Service brings together the landscapes, places, people, and events that contribute to the shared national heritage and values of a highly diverse people. Every year, more than 287 million national park visitors learn more about the American experience. In addition to encountering the American experience, visitors also gain a deeper understanding of the ecological, historical and cultural values which are part of that experience. This National Parks Edition of the Monopoly game was created in cooperation with the National Park Service to share the beauty and grandeur of America's national parks, and to provide a unique -- and entertaining -- way to learn more about a system of national parks that has set the standard for the rest of the world.

A portion of the purchase price of this game will be used by the National Park Foundation, the official national non-profit partner of the National Park Service, to support priority national park projects.

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