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Monopoly Companion Book - The Guide to playing Monopoly, Winning Tips, Trivia, Monopoly Cheats

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The Monopoly Companion

The Players Guide - 2nd Edition

The Game from A to Z Winning Tips Trivia -- Philip Orbanes; Paperback

Editorial Reviews:
Book Description
Monopoly Companion is a fun-packed guide to the history, rules, and winning strategies behind the world's most popular board game!

What's the world record for the longest MONOPOLY game played upside down?
Who REALLY invented the game?
How did a 10-year old from Staten Island hold his own against players three times his age in the 1980 United States MONOPOLY Championship?
Why do the best MONOPOLY players AVOID buying hotels for their properties?
Which property name on your MONOPOLY board is misspelled?

There's only one man who could answer questions like these and hundreds more that are just as fascinating.  It's Mr. Monopoly.

In this fascinating book, Mr. Monopoly reveals everything he knows about the world's most popular board game.  "And that, quite frankly," boasts Mr. Monopoly, "is everything."

After more than 50 years, Rich Uncle Pennybags has finally decided to tell the world everything he knows about the history, rules and winning strategies of the world's most popular board game.  Profusely illustrated.